OmniSector Global is one of the most respected construction and engineering companies in the world. Together with our valued customers in over 100 countries, we create lasting visions of progress and success. Each OmniSector project, ranging from boutique housing to international infrastructure collaborations, is created with our unique blend of centuries of expertise, today’s cutting edge techniques and foresight for generations to come.

Expertly Planned, Expertly Built

From the first plans to the final brick, OmniSector offers the best in class experts, to ensure your project's success.

Accomplished and Competitive

Our size and heritage allow us to offer competitive prices for the world's best service. That's how we build for the future.

Success Through Innovation

The construction landscape is constantly evolving, and so are we. OmniSector is an industry leader in avant-garde innovation.

For nearly a century, OmniSector Global has created some of the most iconic structures in more than 100 countries around the world.

Whether it’s an international airport, wide span bridge or commercial centre, chances are you’ve personally enjoyed one of our recent projects.
Our work is everywhere.

Our Work

OmniSector Global is involved in some of the most innovating and important projects of our time. Explore our many services. 

Our Heritage

From a family run company in Hanover to one of the largest construction groups in the world, we’ve come a long way.

Our Future

As our centennial approaches, we’re focused on both our solid foundations and the next steps to ensure success in the next 100 years.


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