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OmniSector Global is dedicated to building a sustainable and prosperous future involving some of the most innovating and important projects of our time. Below you will find a broad overview of some of our areas of focus.



We work in over 100 countries across the globe, with individual clients, large companies and government agencies of all sizes.



Our nearly 100 years of experience has taught us a lot about long term planning. All our projects are delivered on or ahead of schedule.

Award Winning

Award Winning

We employ the only the best, which is why we have received over 100 top industry leading awards for a wide variety of projects.

A brief overview of our scope:


The modern connected world relies on these essential hubs. As cities expand and global mobility continues to increase, OmniSector Global helps build new airports and develop innovations to existing centres.


We build more than just metaphorical bridges, we also create physical connections to bring people together where before there was division. OmniSector Global specializes in both viaducts and suspension spans, and has recently been making waves in Causeway construction.


Leine Konstruktion got its start in house construction, and building dwellings is still at the heart of our company. Whether it’s a skyscraper comprising thousands of units, or a single family’s dream house, OmniSector is committed to creating a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

Logistical Hubs

As conducting business becomes more complex and connected, new spaces are required to ensure everything is delivered on track and on schedule. Our unique approach to these intricate facilities makes it easier for our customers to expand their endeavours.


We build workplaces that maximize efficiency. Our projects focus on airflow, daylight and integrated green spaces to elevate an office into something more.

Military and Security Facilities

OmniSector Globals blends functionality and performance to create lasting bastions of security. Working with governments around the world, we strive to build facilities that will keep safe the brave men and women of the armed forces who work everyday to protect the safety of their fellow citizens.

Power Plants

The nature of power production is changing, but one thing remains constant – human progress requires electricity. OmniSector Global began building coal plants, and has evolved to become one of the leading developers of wind farms and hydroelectric companies in the world.

Retail Centres

At the heart of all cities lies a commercial centre. We create enticing shopping centres and retail spaces to encourage people to come together in a celebration of consumption. Whatever the size of the project, we want all our retail spaces to feel welcoming to one and all.


Modern life is interconnected with this ancient idea, one of the most enduring inventions to allow people and goods to move quickly and unfettered through all terrains. As cities continue to expand, we help ensure the connections made are lasting and efficient.


We move mountains to bring people closer together. OmniSector’s deep knowledge of tunnelling and boring technology ensures the underground connections we build will last generations.