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Other companies have have bland photos of their executive team on their websites. While strong leadership is important and valued at OmniSector Global, we believe our true strength lies in our diverse and expansive workforce. Therefore, in lieu of a series of photos of bored business people in stuffy suits, we instead choose highlight some of the people who make us who we are today.

Daryl Cobbs
Safety and Human Resources
Senior Process Safety Engineer

  • Based in: Houston, Texas
  • Years with OmniSector: 11

After 11 years with OmniSector Global, Daryl and his team have developed a series of comprehensive guidelines to ensure all our workers stay safe, even on the toughest projects. These guidelines focus on the connection between small but strategic day to day safety activities and long term visions of security. Because of his hard work, there has not been a single accident on any OmniSector Global site under his team’s supervision. “It’s the small stuff that matters” Daryl asserts, “the things we take for granted. This is where mistakes are made. When we get lazy and mechanical. One of my favourite authors has this quote “Look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first time or the last time.” That’s how you need to think about safety. Treat every action on the job like it’s the first time you’ve ever done it. Then you’ll be cautious, you’ll be safe. Even after a project is successfully complete, I always take the time to review it and see how we can do even better next time.”


Prior to joining OmniSector Global, Daryl worked as a researcher at Texas Tech University, where he specialized in learned behaviours. He lives in Texas with his wife and their dog, Red.

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